Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier Machine & Multifunction Creative Fashion Fragrance Diffuser, Household Mute Bedroom And Living Room Aromatherapy Oil Oxygen nebulizer – light wood, iParaAiluRy

  • Dust Sterilization: The ultrasonic humidifier machine producing negative iron is beneficial to dust sterilization, the fragrance diffuser not only can improve air quality and humidity by transforming clean water to cool mist, but also clean jewelry by ultrasonic, energy-saving and durable
  • Operate Silently: Adopting a unique “zero-noise design” circuit, the multifunction creative fashion fragrance humidifier has a strong wind and low noise, long life shaded pole motor is also good to the machine to operate silently, which allow user to sleep quietly and comfortably and work effectively
  • Safe And Convenient: The professional anti-overflow and leakproof structure design of the oil nebulizer make it more secure to use, when the machine is lack of water, the fan, transformer, circuit board all fully stop working, which let you machine be more safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly
  • Ergonomic Design: Based on the requirement of new era of people, the air purifier is designed to be small, beautiful, and practical, it can be used in the car, bedroom, living room, kitchen and other occasions, the shell of the humidifier is tough and durable, has a good chemical stability and corrosion resistance,colorless and odorless
  • 100% Money Back Warranty: If you are not satisfied after you received the ultrasonic air oil humidifier, you can return it and we will refund immediately, So why hesitate to add the aromatherapy nebulizer to your cart?

Aromatherapy humidification is a type of way to comfortable beauty, relieve pressure, speed up metabolism and enhance body immunity
Purchase the oil humidifier, let you always enjoy aromatherapy spa

Size: 140 * 140 * 135mm
Product Weight: 440g
Material: ABS and PP plastic
Color: light wood
Input voltage: 18V (500mA)
Consumption Power: 10W
Effect: 120ml / 8 hours
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Support dry power protection
Two ways to outflow mist: continuous mist and out of fog indirectly

Ultrasonic technology: Dedicate even fog, muted moist, not wet your desktop

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