Think Ink Pen Magnetic Metal Fidget Pen Toys For Student And Adult Release Stress Anxiety and Reduce Boredom Writing Pen (3 balls)

  • Think ink pen for people who usually write and need to keep focus still. If the ink was empty,you can use a usual refill to replace the empty one
  • Think ink pen cool,compact,and easy to use. you can slide, bend, spin, pull, or bum its widgets when you are bored have anxiety or stress learning or meeting
  • The one-of-a-kind detachable flexo clip is an amazing standalone fidget tool with rare earth magnets that allow you to easily detach and reconnect the clip. On top of that, it’s incredibly useful. Clip it onto your backpack, purse, or notebook for on-the-go fun.
  • Magnetic Metal Fidget Pen made of solid metal,strong and durable. DIY combination, satisfy your different ideas ,You can twist and put the magnetic parts anywhere.
  • The Magnetic Metal Fidget Pen is addictive and makes you want keep it anytime. Good choice for your desk.You can bring it to school or office. With lanyard hole and a free strap,you can place the pen in your pen bag,release your fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.

This magic pen is design for these people who need to writing lots of characters each day.Just a little stuff to help you deal with bored Anxiety or stress and keep your focus on your job.Low weight and easy to carry, bring this magic fidget pen anywhere. Pay attention to the stuff you are doing while playing this pen. You can use it at home or school, anyplace you like.
Note:Design for 12 year and up kids, be aware of the small component.

Product Weight:1.38oz
  Prodcut Size:5.71*0.4inch

1* Fidget pen
2* Magnetic Balls
4* Small Magnetic Balls
1* Spring
May this little stuff help you to release your mind.

Lowest Price: £8.99
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