Mouse Mat – Colour Changing Mouse Mat – Black – Changes Colour with Body Heat – Gaming Mouse Mat – Liquid Crystal

  • Black ‘Touch Me’ Colour Changing Liquid Crystal Mouse Pad
  • Touch with warm hands (27°C) and watch the liquid crystal change colour
  • Image colour for illustration. Dimensions 205mm 260mm
  • Rarely available and Collectable item – Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Also ideal as a Student and Teachers Learning Resource for Education. EYFS Teachers or Childminders

The ‘Touch Me’ Liquid Crystal Mouse Pad is heat sensitive and changes color when you place your hand or any warm object on it (best around 27C). While it’s intended as a mouse pad, it also makes a great toy, gift or teaching aid to demonstrate how temperature affects liquid crystals and light refraction, making it ideal for schools. Each mouse pad is black when at room temperature and is 205mm 260mm. Only one side of the mouse pad has the color changing liquid crystal coating.

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Massage Pillow – Electric shiatsu massager with heat | Deep kneading electric cushion to help relax, soothe and relieve neck, shoulder and back pain | Portable stress reliever suitable for use at home, office or car, car charger included (Black)

  • Full-Body-Massage:neck & shoulder massage,waist and back massage,abdominal massage,thigh massage,arm massage,leg massage
  • Simple To Use:A key to start and Magnetic therapy
  • Safety:Security time function & Automatically shut down for 15 minutes
  • Portable:car & home massage pillow,even office and travelling can be used too
  • Two-Way Massage:Two-way massage with Kneading massage

Busy life and work for people who want to have a comfortable enviroment,in order to satisfy modern people quick rhythm life,car home furnishing Massage pillow is ready for your health to refuel.

Product technical parameter:


INPUT:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

OUTPUT:DC12V ===2000mA

Use Method:

1.Plug controller into the socket of smoke source(in car use) or plug the power adapter in the power socket

2.Dial direction switch key,massage pollow enter into massaging state

(Advise:Massaging 10-15 minutes/once)

3.Stop continuing to use,please dial the diretion switch to middle position,then plug out smoke source or power adapter

Unfit people to use this product:

If you have the following state,before use,please consult doctor

1.Curer who is receiving the cure from doctor or who is feeling bad

2.Malignancy Patient

3.Pregnant Woman or Woman in menses

4.Urgent illness Patient

Package Includes:

1x Pillow massager

1x of the 12V car power plug

1 x User manual

1x UK standard power plug

1x Europe standard power plug

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Hedron EMF EMR Sticker radiation Shield heat Scalar protection device phone anti ~Is RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Blocker neutralizer For Use On All EMF Devices: WiFi, iPad, Laptop.

  • Most likely you have been using a smart phone, or any other device that picks up wifi and gives off heat emmissions and electromagnetic frequencies or radiation (EMF/EMR) for many years now. You have also probably wondered intuitively about their health concerns. We put these devices in our pockets, hold them for hours on our laps, and sometimes even sleep near them.
  • If you or your child is suffering with any of the common symptoms of EMF exposure such as headaches, chronic colds and flus, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, etc; one place to start is with using Hedron’s Patented Scalar Protection and Shielding Technology Device TM. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much this little extra piece will enhance your life.
  • Dr. David Carpenter (Dean at the School of Public Health State U of NY) says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the UK have issued warnings urging kids under 16 not to use cell phones. Its time to change this problem. With Hedron, right away you’ll discover a minimum of 80% decrease in the heat coming from your devices. With continued use, you will also notice a decrease in the EMF emission symptoms you had been experiencing.
  • This slim and lightweight addition can be placed directly on the device itself, or on the outside of your case with the same effect. Our Patented Protection is the most tested and proven product of its kind in the world. While many similar products from different countries encounter problems of signal reduction and tonal quality, Hedron not only harmonizes radiation (by a proven 99.95%) and reduces heat (by over 80%), but does not interfere with your calls or device efficiency.

YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT RADIATION PROTECTION DEVICE IS FINALLY OVER! When you purchase Hedron Life Source’s Patented Device today, here’s what you should do: As soon as it arrives at your door, open it right away to start receiving the benefits. Remove the chip from its packaging and read over the information and directions. Admire the sturdy technology and rich design. You have in your hand the world’s most tested and proven Doctor approved product of its kind. Notice the certifications, scientific tests, and studies. Place and use your new chip as directed. Notice your head and body do not heat up and are free of tingling and other EMF sensations when using your device. What Separates Hedron From the Others? – It starts with our International Test Reports and Certificates. These include but are not limited to: The California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science (CIEMS) Report, The Saveetha Medical College and University Study, The Kirlian GCV Camera all organs study and clinical report, The Aparajit Instruments test report, The Centre for BioField Sciences test report. The conclusion? Hedron is the best EMF Radiation Protection Device currently available.

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