Antifungal Soap Body & Foot Wash – 354 ml with Tea Tree Oil 100% Natural Fungal Defense Care Kills Bacteria Athletes Foot Ringworm Jock Itch – Antibacterial Soap Premium Nature

  • TARGETS ALL TYPES OF FOOT DISCOMFORT: This body wash is full of antimicrobial and antifungal properties, enabling it to battle foul foot odor, athlete’s foot, and more! Your solution to feet ailments has finally arrived!
  • COMPLETELY ALL-NATURAL: Our antifungal body wash is proudly made with all natural products. Enjoy our healthy blend of natural oils, vitamins, and more as you use our product. Your skin will be fully cleansed and bacteria free.
  • UNIQUELY NURTURING: Our antifungal body wash features an exciting array of organic ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe, peppermint, jojoba, oregano, eucalyptus, and rosemary. These ingredients smell amazing!
  • SPECIALLY MOISTURIZING: Not only does Premium Nature’s unique formula keep you clean, it also maintains hydration of your skin, and produces a smooth and lustrous glow! See the difference in even the driest of skin!
  • All Premium Natural Products are made of the highest quality ingredients that benefit you to the fullest

WHY YOU NEED PREMIUM NATURE’S TEA TREE OIL ANTIFUNGAL SOAP IN YOUR LIFE- It Soothes Dry & Itchy Skin – Eliminates Fungus and Bacteria – Is Composed of Tea Tree Oil – Contains Various Essential Oils & Vitamins- Has Natural AntiMicrobial Properties – Also Contains An Amazing Blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Jojoba, Aloe & Oregano- Leaves Skin Feeling Soft & CleanThe best way to make sure you smell good and feel fresh is to make sure you’re clean, and the best way to get clean is to use products that kill germs and work with your body to keep it at top condition! We at Premium Nature understand the struggle of finding products that are all-natural and provide the best results. That’s why we have created an amazing body wash that harnesses the germ-killing power of tea tree oil in order to leave your entire body feeling refreshed and reinvigorated! Tea tree oil has long been known to combat bacteria, and as such is perfect for curing athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, and more! Wash your feet with this body wash to keep them free from odors, fungus, and itch! It leaves a sharp, minty smell that lets you know it’s working to keep your body clean. Our tea tree oil soap is also enriched with a blend of tea tree oil, oregano, peppermint, jojoba, aloe, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils, which work together to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Premium Nature’s anti fungal body wash does what the standard body washes can never do. Only our formula is effective in targeting and eliminating the causes of skin bacteria.You will love what Premium Nature can do for you when you use our special AntiFungal Bodywash!

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AWESOME STRESS BALL For Your Massage Therapy – 3 Different Hardness – Spiky Ball For Stress Therapy – Great For Foot Massage, Plantar Fasciitis, Reflexology and Physical Pain Relief – BLUE-medium firm

  • RELEASE STRESS, RELIEVE PAIN AND ENJOY THE BEST MASSAGE THERAPY IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! Stop wasting your time and money for massage therapists. Afford it quickly at your home with our spike ball . Release the tension in your muscles and tissues, get relaxed, decrease pain, stimulate circulation or just calm down. Escape everyday stress with our trigger point massage roller ball or your money back!
  • CHOOSE THE SOFT TOUCH AND DEEP MASSAGE EFFECT! Special high quality rubber material brings the softness at the touch with your skin. COMPACT LACROSSE BALLS WITH STRONG SPIKES ensure even the deepest body and tissue massage for you and your partner. Refill your yoga roller ball when you need it for plantar fasciitis treatment or foot massage and deflate it to use it with your baby or child.
  • RELAX, DESTRESS AND PAMPER YOURSELF WITH SPORT2PEOPLE MASSAGE BALLS ! They are MADE FROM STURDY & DURABLE HIGH QUALITY 100% NATURAL RUBBER MATERIAL. The best benefit of our physical therapy balls is that you can simply ADJUST EACH BALL to your preferred hardness by inflating/deflating it and enjoy foot, back, shoulder, leg, body massage therapy, myofascial release in the comfort of your own home! Increase your reflexology with our balls for massage
  • PERFECT MASSAGE THERAPY BALLS FOR WHOLE FAMILY – Massage ball rollers are in three different levels of hardness and three beautiful pastel colors. Choose the one you prefer or just take all three of them AND GET 15% OFF your purchase. They are really useful for everyone. Use it as a soft massage for your baby or for adult with wide variety of use from physical to psychological therapy. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE FULL MUSCLE RELIEF WITH NO RISK? PURCHASE SPORT2PEOPLE SPIKY BALL ! Buy with confidence knowing that no matter what, we’ve got your back! Whether you need a replacement, or the spike balls just aren’t working out, send them back our way and we’ll either find what you need, or get you 100% refund. Make sure you BUY TWO TO RECEIVE 10% OFF AND HAVE ONE TO GIVE AWAY AS A PERFECT GIFT!


If you have had a hard work day, have body pain or you just need muscle relaxation after sport activity, then take this massage ball and enjoy your relaxation.

You can have instant relaxing massage tool wherever you go and whatever you do. Our foot massage balls are small and lightweight, you won’t even notice them in your luggage, so take them everywhere with you. Even to your office. You never know, when you might need some quick relief! Take your time to relax whenever you can. Each of our massage balls is perfect for any kind of massage or relaxation you need.

You can now stop wasting your time and money for constant massages or physical therapies. Afford them quickly and at any time in your home. Release your muscles, relieve your pain in your back and shoulders or help prevent plantar fasciitis by stimulating the dead nerves in feet and legs. Enjoy your foot massage with our trigger point rollers while working behind computer!

You Can Now Finally Get Yourself Some Deep Massages, Become Fully Relaxed After a Long Day And Get a Good Night Sleep in Just a Few Seconds! Just Click ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW and Find Out What You’ve Been Missing!

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CHIC*MALL Massage Roller – The BEST Foot Massager Balls for Acupressure, Deep Tissue Trigger Point, Plantar Fasciitis, Reflexology, Stress Therapy & Myofascial Release (40 Particle Balls)

  • 100% brand new & high quality
  • 40 concave-convex pellets on the rollers
  • Color£ºas the picture show
  • Package£º1 * massager


100% brand new & high quality
40 concave-convex pellets on the rollers
Color£ºas the picture show

1 * massager

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