Beenax Peanut Massage Ball – Double Lacrosse Ball – Perfect for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga – Designed to Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles

  • GET AN IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, reduce tension, increase blood circulation and remove toxins.
  • ROLL IT ANYWHERE YOU HAVE TENSION: Roll away tension in your neck, shoulders, back, feet and the rest of your body. Target areas other massage tools simply can’t reach.
  • DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY MASSAGE BALL: Comes with a high density premium rubber that will last over time and won’t buckle under your body weight. Plus enjoy a free carry bag included.
  • RECOMMENDED BY FITNESS AND MEDICAL EXPERTS: Helps to relieve pain, rejuvenate and revitalise all parts of the body, used by variety of health and medical professionals.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we’ll refund your money, no-questions asked!

Are you ready to get rid of all your body tension?
Are you ready to get rid of your tight and uncomfortable muscles?
Are you ready to get rid of your knots and pains that make your life a misery?

I bet you are but don’t you worry, Beenax Massage Ball is finally here to give you the relief you are looking for!

This Beenax Massage Ball is the perfect firmness to give you an accurate body massage that will help you to:

– Relax Muscles
– Reduce Tension
– Improve Circulation

But that’s not all, this amazing Beenax Massage Ball will also provide you other extra benefits such as:

– Stress Reflexology
– Myofascial Release
– Trigger Point Therapy
– Bad Posture Correction
– Joint Stiffness Reduction
– Flexibility Improvement
– Soreness Prevention

Just roll it under you hand, foot, back, shoulder, neck, leg or arm. Do your own self-massage or get someone to massage you.
Bring it everywhere you want and use it anywhere you have tension.

You might think that it looks to good to be true or that this investment is not worth it…

We are so confident of this Beenax Massage Ball benefits that we’re giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

By doing this, we are showing you that your purchase is going to be an absolute risk-free investment so that you feel comfortable when you click the “Buy” button.

With so much to gain and no risk on your part, stop thinking, just go for it!

Click the “Add to Cart” button now!

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Riaek Fidget Spinner, A Premium Anti-Anxiety Toy for Kids & Adults Reduces Boredom, Stress, Anxiety, ADHD and ADD, Designed to Easily Spin for 3mins+

  • PERFECT GIFT: Stuck for an idea or just want something different for the kid or adult in your life? The Riaek Spinner nestled in thick foam and housed in a metal box, means the packaging alone is a cut above the rest that’s even before we get to the spinner itself.
  • BORED?: Whether it’s a few minutes while waiting for a train or just hanging out with friends and family, the Riaek Spinner is a great way to have fun. Suitable for all ages, a discrete way to put a smile on everyones face. Seriously who can spin it the longest? We’ve managed 5mins+
  • DEFEAT ANXIETY: Ever been in a situation or a place that induces stress and anxiety i.e. test time? Or you just find yourself with nothing to do. The Riaek Spinner allows you to keep calm no matter what.
  • STIMULATE BRAIN FUNCTION: Young or old, no matter where you find yourself the Riaek Spinner is a great aid in stimulating ideas. Keep your hands occupied as you let your mind wonder or improve concentration levels with daily use. What patterns can you see if you concentrate hard enough?
  • A FRIEND IN YOUR POCKET: The Riaek Spinner slips into any pocket, ready for whenever you need it. It’s smooth, high grade construction and durability means it feels great in your hand. Whether you’re fighting anxiety, coping with ADHD, ADD or merely wanting to have some fun, the Riaek Spinner can do it all.

A FUN TOOL: The Riaek Spinner is a great gift idea, toy and general stress reliving devices. Crafted from high grade ABS plastic and is smoothed to make sure it sits nicely in the users hand. A discreet toy that can be carried with you anywhere.

SPIN DURATION: Unlike other spinners the Riaek Spinner is designed for spin duration, without much effort you can achieve spins of over 3mins (to be honest, we’ve easily managed spins of over 4 and 5 mins depending on whether you’re holding it in your hand or spinning it on a flat surface like a table).

HOW TO USE: So simple and easy to use, the intuitive device can even be enjoyed by young children and the elderly, it truly is for anyone who wants to do something with their hands and mind. Take it straight out of the box, no learning required, it’s robust construction will allow you to have fun and relieve anxiety immediately. The entertainment value of the Riaek Spinner is an added bonus, as a toy, there’s very little on the market that does so much with so little.

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Skin and Coat Omega 3 Oil for Itchy, dry skin and for general conditioning of the coat, in both Dogs and Cats of any age for a sleek and glossy coat – Designed to support the pet inside and out with high levels of EPA and DHA Marine Lipids (Omega 3’s) – All Natural Ingredients – Advanced Veterinary Formulation in 236ml bottle 1/2 teaspoon per 10kgs in weight (approx 47 teaspoon fulls in each bottle) manufactured to GMP standards

  • FOR DOGS, CATS AND ALL PETS OF ALL AGES THAT EITHER NEED SKIN AND COAT CONDITIONING – such as dry or flaky skin, dull coat or general conditioning, also supports skin allergies (Atopy) and joints conditions too- supporting inflammatory diseases, Heart and Kidney function and general body conditioning and booster
  • USING ONLY THE HIGHEST GRADE OF QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS and one of the most potent, advanced blends of concentrated Marine Lipids produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities
  • THIS AMAZING PRODUCT HELPS SUPPORT THE OVERALL BODY AND CONDITION OF YOUR PET – the high levels of Bio Active Marine Lipid Concentrates are rich in EPA and DHA for joint support the advanced omega 3 oils increase the mobiity of the joints and also help support and maintain general organ and tissue function. This product is great for all sized pets young and old if you want to boost vitality and give them optimum skin and coat condition.
  • AFTER ALL THEY ARE NOT JUST PETS THEY ARE FAMILY! Make sure your Pets are safe and supported during 2016, take a look at our other Broadreach Nature + health care products too for extra help and support for all your Pets health care needs – We are here for you!!

KEY BENEFITS:- Broadreach Nature + Skin and Coat Care provides excepionally high levels of DHA and EPA which are both Omega 3 essential fatty acids. 1) High levels of EPA and DHA are now believed to be essential for the maintenance of numerous organ and tissue functions in particular skin and coat care, cardiovascular, system maintenance, cognative function and osteo-arthritis management. Broadreach Nature + Skin and Coat also contains Phosphatidychline and Phosphatidlyinositol which both play an important role in a range of systems in the body. It is also thought these materials may help to improve the bioavailability of EPA and DHA. 2) So if your Pet suffers with dry skin or their coat lacks vitality or shine, this product is for you. Rich in natural Omega 3 Oils, this product not only helps maintain a healthy skin and coat but also helps to support the joints and general body condition, because Your pets are worth it !

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