Suitical Recovery Dog Suit, Large, Black

  • Effectively provides barrier to treatment area.
  • Soft, flexible and lightweight.
  • Eliminates annoyance of hard plastic collars.

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs – Black
The Recovery Suit is a type of romper made from lightweight, breathable fabric. It is easy to put on, with press studs at the base of the tail. For incontinence or oestrus, a panty liner or pad can be inserted into the Recovery Suit. The Recovery Suit for dogs is also available in [purl=2813]camouflage print[/purl].

The Recovery Suit can be used for different purposes:
After surgery: using the Recovery Suit, your dog will suffer less stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Your dog can’t reach the wound, but will be more comfortable as the shirt is not too tight around the belly and there is sufficient air flow to the wound, so it will remain dry. The inside of the suit is light blue, so any fluid leakage is easily visible. Animals are often shaved for surgery, which can cause the body temperature to drop. The Recovery Suit helps keep recovering animals warm.
For skin diseases: The Recovery Suit limits injuries to the skin caused by scratching and biting where protection is needed.
For oestrous and incontinence: The Recovery Suit reduces the risk of blood or urine stains in your house. Unlike similar products, the suit is very difficult for your pet to remove himself.

How do I put the Recovery Suit on my dog?
Step 1: For larger dogs, it is easier to put one leg in first, then the head and then the other leg. For small dogs, put it over the head first and then the front legs, one by one.
Step 2: Pull the Recovery Suit over the dog’s body, as far back as possible.
Step 3: Pull the two ends between the hind legs and fasten the press studs at the back. Ensure that there is sufficient space for the tail.

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