Stress Monitor and Control Ruler. Measure your stress levels and learn to control, manage and de-stress

  • It’s a simple, flexible and fun RULER! It is used to measure your stress and your work load
  • A scientific BIOFEEDBACK RELAXATION SYSTEM and ruler too! (See description)
  • Keep it on your desk and test your stress levels when needed! Size: 190mm x 57mm
  • Printed: Digital CMYK – with UV varnish on 700 micron white polypropylene
  • Readings are fast, accurate and easy to evaluate

Place finger on Black Stress Chip. Stress shows up as colour temperature change. Stress-Ruler® Here’s a unique product with triple appeal. 1) It’s a RULER! Use it to measure up to 7 inches or 18 centimeters. Made from flexible polypropylene…. 2) It’s a scientific BIOFEEDBACK RELAXATION SYSTEM too! Stress-Less® Biofeedback Relaxation Ruler Stress is detected and measured with finger tip ease. Just place thumb on the sensor pad for 10 seconds. Readings are fast, accurate and easy to evaluate using the colour-matched gauge surrounding the sensor pad. You will use it often and for many years. Key Features: Measure your stress and your work load. Check your stress level with this popular stick. Keep the Stress handy ruler – on your desk, at work -at home -in a shirt or jacket pocket -or in your cheque books, school books or attaché cases. * Makes a great stocking filler and all year round gift! * It just stays black. Why? First, check to see if you are using the Stress card at normal room temperature, between 21-24°C degrees. If the room is below 21°C the dot probably won’t change colours. Second, a lot of people these days carry low levels of stress all the time and don’t realize it. To find out if it’s you or the Stress card, try holding your hand on your warm back, just below the neck. If your hand feels cold, it’s probably you. If you think it’s the Stress card, try running it under hot water or holding it up to a heat source like a light bulb, if it changes colour, the Stress card is working. Also, we’ve discovered that if the Stress card gets shipped in winter and the stress card sit out in the cold for a period, this seems to put the liquid crystal into suspended animation. You can revive them by putting them near a radiator, or some other mild heat source.

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