Natures Aid Magnesium Citrate Tablets 125mg Pack of 60

  • High bioavailability
  • No artificial flavours, colours & preservatives, lactose, yeast and gluten
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards

Each Natures Aid Magnesium tablet provides 125mg of magnesium from 100% magnesium citrate, together with 5mg of Vitamin B6 to increase the uptake of Magnesium.
Magnesium is present in most foods, especially green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, meat and fish. Processed foods, dairy products and refined grains are, however, low in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is characterised by fatigue, mental confusion, irritability, weakness, heart disturbances, poor nerve and muscle function, muscle cramps, insomnia, loss of appetite and a tendency toward stress related symptoms.

Organic magnesium compounds, such as magnesium Citrate, are better absorbed, utilised and tolerated than inorganic forms (oxides, chlorides, hydrochlorides). Inorganic forms are likely to cause diarrhea at higher doses whereas organic forms generally do not.

The Benefits of Natures Aid Magnesium Citrate Tablets:
• Fatigue – low levels of magnesium in the red blood cells have been linked with chronic fatigue syndrome.
• Circulation – magnesium is essential to the proper function of the heart and blood vessels. It has been used to prevent heart disease and strokes and to protect against a wide range of circulatory system diseases.

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