Fingertip Gyroscope Hand Spinner Colourful Top High Speed Spinning Scopperil Decompression Stress Anxiety Relief Toy-style 01

  • What: As a new kind anxiety relief toy, fingertip gyroscope has its day across the whole world.
  • HOW: It is easy to play, just pinch the axle cover and dial the wing. Then it will spin about 1-4 minutes
  • WHEN: Not matter what you are doing, waiting for the bus, queuing up, walking and other daily leisure, this little and simple fingertip gyroscope is good choice to give you fun and kill time.

Suitable for all ages.

It is portable. You can play it everywhere anytime you want.

Wonderful toy to reduce your stress, anxiety and other negativity arises.

Lowest Price: £5.99
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