66fit Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls – Set of 3 – Stress Relief Reflexology

  • The 66fit Set of 3 Acupressure Massage Balls is designed for effective trigger point release and acupressure massage
  • The acupressure massage balls come in three colours, yellow, orange and red each having a different density
  • The massage balls effectively target tense painful areas and using the application of pressure help release muscle aches and pains
  • The smooth easy to hold acupressure balls are presented in a carry anywhere plastic tube making them portable and easy to store
  • Use both before and after exercise

The 66fit Acupressure Massage Balls (Set of 3, soft, medium and firm) are designed for trigger point release and acupressure massage.

The density of each ball varies so that you can use a different ball depending on the area of your body you wish to apply pressure too.

The acupressure balls comes with a basic instructional leaflet showing the recommended coloured ball for specific body areas, and can be used whilst sitting or against a wall.

Set of 3 Balls
Yellow Ball: 6cm – Low Density
Orange Ball: 6cm – Medium Density
Red Ball: 6cm – High Density

Lowest Price: £10.00
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